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Choosing us means making the right choice for superior military uniforms that align with international standards, backed by 30 years of experience and a team dedicated to excellence. Our commitment to craftsmanship, customization, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as your trusted partner in military uniforms.

Wuhan Fronter Industrial Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with advanced management mode and production technology integrating military uniform, outdoor products design, production and marketing. There are 5 large factories belongs to the company. The company has various special equipments imported from Japan, Germany, the United States and domestic standards (buried folder, chain machine, type 1162, type 515 double needle machine, type 558 eye machine, type 5486 ribs Machine, slitting machine, band saw machine, cutting machine, universal rust flower machine, edge picker, press lining machine, Pegasus overlock sewing machine, type 1850 knotting machine, type 980, type 372 button sewing machine, type 1404 like rib machine, type 814 , type 781 buttonhole machine, lapel machine, cloth breaking machine, adhesive lining machine, West Germany ironing machine, steam generator, BROTHER, JUKI brand computer flat machine, etc. more than 2,000 sets.) The annual output of camouflage clothing is more than 1.5 million sets.

The company has a large number of high-quality clothing production, design, sales and other professionals, including more than 40 management and technical employees. In 2009, it passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. With excellent product quality and good market credibility, as well as outstanding capabilities and advantages in the field of uniform manufacturing, the company produces a series of foreign military camouflage uniforms (covering the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Greece, Brazil, Ireland, Denmark, Russia, Saudi Arabia and more than 40 countries), ACU, ABU, BDU, EMT, APECS, ECWCS, MCPS, FROG suits, G8 Jackets, M65 windbreaker jackets, tactical vests, tactical backpacks, tactical belts, and various Outdoor products, mainly sold to the international market, have a certain reputation in Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. Production of camouflage uniforms, overalls, military uniforms, uniforms, military clothes, winter clothes and other series of clothing, repeatedly passed SGS, TUV, INTERTEK and other testing companies qualified.

The company pursues the tenet of “Quality First, Credit First, Fair Price, Customer First”, lean production, 6S management, running through every link, the business volume has been continuously rising. Perennial production of various types of foreign military camouflage clothing, outdoor equipment, overalls, uniforms, work uniform, security clothing, tactical clothing and other series of clothing, We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to consult business negotiations !

30 years of experience

Our extensive expertise and skilled workforce guarantee unmatched quality and efficiency, making us the preferred choice for professional buyers and government orders.

Skilled and Proficient Workforce

With their proficiency, we guarantee stable quality and short production times, allowing us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on excellence.

Factory Advantages: Ample Ready Stock

Our inventory typically ships within 1-2 days, while larger orders of 20GP and 40GP containers are efficiently processed within 30-45 days.

Premium Quality Fabric for Enhanced Performance

Our military uniforms are designed using top-quality fabric that offers exceptional performance. From being waterproof, windproof, and oil-repellent to providing UV protection and tear resistance, our uniforms are tailored to withstand diverse environmental challenges.

Quality Reliability And Excellence

Whether it’s for professional buyers or government orders, you can count on us to deliver unrivaled quality, reliability, and excellence in every uniform we produce.

Military Uniform Factory

What sets your military uniforms apart from others in the market?
Our military uniforms are backed by an impressive 30 years of expertise. We pride ourselves on having highly skilled and experienced technical workers who ensure that the quality remains consistent and the production time is optimized for efficiency.

Do you have stock available for immediate purchase?
Yes, our factory advantage lies in our substantial inventory of ready-to-ship items. We maintain a well-stocked warehouse, and most of our standard items are available for shipping within 1-2 days. For larger orders, such as 20GP and 40GP containers, our delivery time ranges from 30-45 days, ensuring timely fulfillment of our clients’ needs.

Can you tell us more about the special technology you use for concealment?
Our commitment to military security is evident in the special technology we employ to adjust infrared reflectivity, making objects virtually undetectable by night vision devices and thermal imagers. This exceptional and stable concealment effect serves to safeguard military operations effectively in the long term.

How do you ensure the reliability of your protective gear, such as helmets?
The safety and quality of our protective gear, including helmets, undergo rigorous testing and inspection at the China Ordnance Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. This ensures that our products meet and exceed the highest standards for performance and durability.

What features do your military uniforms offer for adverse conditions?
Our military uniforms are designed to withstand challenging environments. They are engineered with waterproof, windproof, and oil-repellent materials, providing reliable protection in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the fabrics we use are resistant to UV radiation and tearing, ensuring durability in rugged terrains.

Are your military uniforms compliant with international standards?
Yes, we take great pride in adhering to both European Union (EU) and United States (US) standards. Our military uniforms meet the stringent requirements set forth by these standardization bodies, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safety.

What kind of clients do you serve with your military uniform solutions?
We cater to a wide range of clients, including professional buyers and government entities. Our military uniforms are widely used in law enforcement, security, and defense agencies, making them a trusted choice for those who prioritize top-tier products and uncompromising quality.

Military Uniform Certificate & ISO

Over 30 Years Experience

We can handle large and complex government orders in excess of 10 million. Our annual sales exceed 200 million.

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